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2023 DiscoverGolf Spring and Summer Golf Programs

DGWee (4-7 years old)

DGWEE truly "cracks the code at getting children of all skill levels, backgrounds and motivation to fall in love with the GAME of golf!  Blending purposeful play with expert instruction DG creates dynamic enviornments that create confident, happy, juniors.  If you are looking for a junior golf program unlike any other this is a "can't Miss" experience!

Spring 1
Dates: April 15, 22, 29 and May 6
Ages: 4-7 years old

One session 9.00am -9.45 am 

Spring 2
May 20, 27 and June 3, 10
Ages:  4-7 years old

Two Sessions:
9am-9.45 am
10am-10.45 am

DGWee Single Day registration available.

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DiscoverGolf Play Spring Golf (8-14 years old)
The DG Play Program's overarching goal is to consider golf development in the conext of an educational scaffold that supports children's adaptive problem solving skills.  Replacing explicit, paint by numbers, rote repetition is a "cognitive ecosystem" of play, leveraging myriad instruments-tools-emotional laden tasks-social scenes to guide children to a state far superior to basic "golf competence".

8 week semester:
April 17-June 11, 2023  
(choose from 1, 2, 3 or 5 day options)
Monday through Friday (4-6pm)
Saturday (12-2pm)
Sunday (1.30-3.30pm)

4 week semester
May 15-June 11, 2023
(Choose from 1,2,3, or 5 day options)
Monday through Friday (4-6pm)
Saturday (12-2pm)
Sunday (1.30-3.30pm)

Single day registration available

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DiscoverGolf Play Summer Golf (8-14 years old)

DiscoverGolf is back for its 17th summer camp campaign!  Heralded as the "greatest show on turf" the DG-Lake Forest summer camp is truly
AN EXPERIENCE.  DG summer camps transform "junior golf" into a stage, where players act out and through the golf club.  Deeply inspired by the "ecological approach" players are tasked with ever changing problems to solve, engaging them with the natural constraints of PLAY that give rise to golf-social-individualized PERFORMANCE.  In a DiscoverGolf summer camp setting, the only "fundamental" is attentive, emotionally driven concern towards gameful pursuits!

Weekly from June 12, 2023 thru the week starting August 7, 2023
Monday through Thursday with AM (8.30-11.30) and PM Sessions (1.30-4.30)
Weekly sessions include Fridays (on Course Event):  10am-1pm

Single Day registration available

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DiscoverGolf Play Summer Golf (8-14 years old) GIRLS ONLY!

DGPrincess (8-11 years old)

DG Princess is a playful, fierce, and confident enactor of her heroic tale.  A DG Princess might live out a story that is more social and lighhearted than some of her male counterparts but is no less purposeful and impressive.  Our game engineer team addresses the specific needs of our female cohort with expressive-collaborative play formats infused with objectives that physically fortify HER golfing prowess!  The DGPrincess program has long served as one of our most popular programs for its balance between work and play, leading to positive, all-encompassing results.

The structure of this unique program is to allow all DGQueens to preside over their unique goal structures with effort and poise.  As the pendulum swings to the work side of the work-play continuum, opportunities for greater understanding and resiliency emerge.  Retaining important features of compelling social scenes and group comradery, the DGQueen programs expertly guides each player through their own self-improvement journey while harnessing the intention, identity, and ENERGY of the group.

Girls Only Sessions:
Weekly from June 12, 2023 thru the week starting August 7, 2023
Monday through Thursday with AM (8.30-11.30) and PM Sessions (1.30-4.30)
Weekly sessions include Fridays (on Course Event):  10am-1pm

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DiscoverGolf Mastery (ages 14-17)

DG Mastery is about exposing our oldest, most invested players to this "mode of mastery".  This "mode" is as much about the embodied, real time education born from coping within highly competitive scenes as it is a mandate of specific swing characteristics.  To be sure, DG Mastery will narrow the "window of acceptable movement patterns", but will and always has found its success in how players grow and integrate their kaizen (incremental and disciplined improvement) practice within their symphony of life projects.

8 week semester-April 19-June 11
Wed.  4-6 pm
Sat.    2.30-4.30 pm

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Clinic Layout

1 - On Course

50% of our training is done on the golf course. Learning to transfer your skills on the course is the most important skill in golf!

2 - Short Game

Flops, pumps, nips, skippers and the complete arsenal of short game weaponry is on our display as our juniors are constantly challenged to invent and deploy a complete repertoire of shots.

3 - Fitness

Developing a strong physical foundation through movement practice is a core tenant of our coaching philosophy. Everyday at camp you'll find our junior athletes throwing, kicking, running, and jumping their way to a more capable and confident body!

4 - Full Swing

Our expert will use the latest in swing analyzing technologies and our proprietary driving range "targetzone" configurations to create a high fidelity learning area for all things ball stricking.

5 - Putting

Our putting stations have games for learning the line, speed, and green reading skills our juniors need to be masters of the flatstick.

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